An Expert In Procrastination!
‘Ok, just one more game of Candy Crush and I’ll start’
One thing I am good at is procrastination, I'll do the washing up, walk the dog, hoover, iron., washing or even clean the oven! Anything but go out into the studio and paint. Why is that? I love painting and when I’m on a project I don’t want to stop, many times working into the early hours reluctant to leave a painting unfinished. Starting a painting however is another thing. You would think I would be excited to begin, with that large white canvas is sitting there waiting for me. But, creativity can be an elusive thing and an artist’s creative block can be very disturbing.
Procrastination is the tool I use to defer the moment of truth… Have I still got it? Can I still do it? Will it still be there when I sit down to paint. When I’m procrastinating, It’s not really because I doubt my skill, the knowledge of drawing once taught cannot be forgotten. I know I will have the skill, but will I have that elusive artistic vision, the thing that defines an 'artist'. To go out and face the bare edge of inspiration and the reality of a blank canvas is an uncertainty and procrastination is for me a temporary hesitation of self-doubt. Obviously, there is only one way to overcome self-doubt and that is to just go and do it! But before I do, I’ll just have one more game of Candy Crush.