You Should write a Blog

“You should write a blog about you and your inspirations. Let people know who you are and what matters to you.”
My daughter is full of ideas. She has the knowledge, inspiration, and a strong determination that defines her, and makes her a real woman of her time. The problem is I’m also a woman of my time. Not only did I not know what a blog truly was but I also had the inhibition and insecurity that defines many women of my time.

All my adult life I have inspired and encouraged and protected others. I’m the homemaker, the wife, the mother, and, most recently, the caring daughter. Talking about myself and how I feel to the whole world is alien and quite frankly scary.

I’m not worried about the technology. I have always embraced change and innovation, It’s the talking about myself and finding things to say about myself that I have a problem with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think I’m worthy, original or that I have no opinions, but rather it’s an innate feeling that no one would really be interested in me or what I have to say.

I am a 'mature' woman who paints. I’m not what you would call a young hip bright relevant person of the moment but hey, why not, I’ll give it a go.